Athens Sustainability Outlook 2019. CSR & Sustainability trends in Europe.

05/04/2019 - 05/04/2019 | Athens, Greece

Sustainable Finance, Reporting and Disclosure, European Governance of CSR and the SDGs, Education, Participiation and Engagement for the Goals - with perspective on the 2030 Agenda, the Paris Agreement and the situation of businesses Athens Sustainability Outlook 2019 will create space for a pan-European Stakeholder Dialogue.

The intention of this Summit is the creation of a documentation of the recorded key discussion issues & opinions on CSR & Sustainability in a broad stakeholder dialogue. The documentation will be provided to the European Commission to reach their Sustainability aims.

QualityNet Foundation, Greece organizes the event supported by the German Council for Sustainable Development. Participation in this event is by invitation only. Attendands come from all European countries representing different stakeholder groups, - government, business, academia and opinion leaders - and viewpoints.

In case of interest, please send your email to or

The agenda

The topics that will be addressed during the Summit will be focused on:

Sustainable Finance:
Legislative proposals on Sustainable Finance: public consultation, updating the non-binding guidelines on non-financial disclosures. Perspectives on latest initiatives of the EU Parliament concerning climate & transparency and further discussions on the legislative proposals. Presentation of the latest initiatives on Sustainable Finance.

Reporting & Disclosure:
Materiality matters. What is relevant for analysts and investors? How can we connect disclosure and information needed? What may be the next steps to improve comparability and data quality? What is the best practice? Can we create coherence of the voluntary & regulatory initiatives in order to create a common framework as level playing field serving as potential basis for trade agreements in the long run?

European Governance of CSR & the SDGs:
With a perspective on national reporting, which long-term visions, new partnerships and roles are developed? How can we contribute to the revision of the non-binding guidelines? Contribution of National Governments & Authorities, Business, NGOs & Academia.

Education-Participation and Engagement on the SDGs:
Within the context of the goals of the agenda 2030 what are the roles of all the participants and what the methods and tools are that we can use in order to accomplish the SDGs on a national level? What is the role of Governments, Business, Educational system and Local Authorities? How can we achieve the bottom up approach and the capacity building on Sustainability?