EU Action Plan on Sustainable Finance

The EU Commission published an Action Plan on Sustainable Finance on 8 March 2018. You can find the text, the summary Fact Sheet and other documents here.

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Brief summary of the 2nd Sustainable Finance Summit

With almost twice as many guests as the year before, the Second Sustainable Finance Summit Germany took place in Frankfurt on 25th September 2018. Discussions focused on the EU Action Plan, Hub Network stakeholders' contributions to a more sustainable finance economy. Central to the 260 participants was the primacy of politics over the markets, the model role of the public sector, and the need to develop skills for sustainable finance at all levels.

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Hub for Sustainable Finance (H4SF)

Sustainable Finance is one of the most important topics of our times. Meanwhile, Germany lags behind in European comparison - that is the diagnosis. The German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) and Deutsche Börse Group founded the Hub for Sustainable Finance (H4SF) in Germany in the summer of 2017. The Hub is on open network comprising financial market players and other stakeholders contributing to developing a sustainable financial system in Germany.


The topics the Hub concerns itself with are oriented towards the ten recommendations for sustainable finance in Germany. Contributors are invited to develop their own avenues and approaches to bringing about change within the framework of these recommendations. The concrete form involvement may take is at the discretion of contributors. Input in support of a sustainable financial system and events related to the subject of sustainable finance can be shared via this website under the section “Contribute”.

The Hub invites contributions from:

  • institutions that represent the finance sector, the business community, civil society, the political arena or the scientific community and
  • those who plan to furnish input aligned with the ten recommendations that expands the knowledge base or adds factually or scientifically founded viewpoints that are constructive to a hotly discussed topic.

The motivation behind this initiative: representing on a strong, unified position is of key significance for Germany’s future as an attractive business hub and with a view to our country’s responsibility within European and international discourse. This can also be achieved through the incorporation of a plurality of positions and approaches.

The German Council for Sustainable Development and Deutsche Börse Group have created this website to serve as a central platform for communicating the activities of a wide range of engaged actors in Germany and beyond.

Please find a short presentation on the Hub for Sustainable Finance here.