Activities of the Hub for Sustainable Finance

A parliamentary evening by the Hub for Sustainable Finance will be organized April 18, 2018 in Berlin. Attendance is possible by invitation only.

As its first public event, the Hub will be holding the German Sustainable Finance Summit on 23 October in Frankfurt in the offices of the DVFA, the German Association of Financial Analysts and Asset Managers. At this summit, the main recommendations (here in German, too) from the members of the Steering Committee of the Hub for Sustainable Finance on sustainable finance in Germany will be discussed. They are derived from the content overlap between the interim report of the High Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance of the European Commission, the PRI Roadmap for Germany, the Living Document Sustainable Finance of the Council for Sustainable Development, the goals of the Accelerating Sustainable Finance Initiative of the Deutsche Börse and the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures of the Financial Stability Board. It is noteworthy that these initiatives all worked in parallel and published their content at the same time.

H4SF main recommendations on sustainable finance